Detoxing Your Thoughts

Aug 07, 2015

Have you ever noticed that there’s a voice inside your head? Some call her the inner perfectionist. Some call her the vile bitch upstairs. Some just think she’s their own voice

We all crave a nurturing, nourishing life that feels fulfilled and complete. But this inner voice constantly tells us a story about why we don’t deserve this life.

She’s the voice of a belief system we learned in childhood. And though she tells an old, outgrown story once told to us by someone else, her words can make us feel as if what she says is the truth.

The story might go something like this: I am not enough. Not pretty enough…smart enough…thin enough…young enough…attractive enough…whatever it is, the story says you’ll never have anything you long for.

This inner voice can be a saboteur who doubts your every step. She can be a strong wind who blows out any candle you light. She questions what you do, why you do it, even who you are, powerfully sucking joy from your life.

The story she tells is about pain that can feel as fresh as when it was first experienced, even if it was decades ago. Pain isn’t always a bad thing; it can push us into moving forward. The problem is when we let her story become who we are.

This story can become an indulgence, an addiction, a parasite. Its influence might feel subtle, but it can control your whole life. It becomes a familiar place of refuge, a platform, a resting place for failures. It can give you reasons for not facing your fears. It can become a reason you decide to stay where you are instead of finding the courage to move on.

Your thoughts are powerful. Thoughts produce feelings, feelings lead to actions, and your actions create your life.

And if you believe the words of the inner perfectionist, you’ll have thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to a life you DON’T love.

The good news is…though this inner voice can be incredibly powerful, your ability to control your thoughts is powerful too.

The story your inner voice tells can feel like your deepest, strongest truth, but amazingly, it really isn’t. It really is just a story. And stories can be rewritten

It starts with simple steps. There’s no magic pill that will take your pain away. But acknowledging that your pain exists will begin to soothe it. If you are able look at the thoughts and feelings that have hurt you, you can also see them as a story.
If you’re willing to let life be something other than hurtful, you might be surprised by the courageous self who rises up when you face what you fear. You can’t change the past, but you can change now.

You can start by asking yourself what your biggest fear is, and then, what you want to feel instead of what you’re feeling. What is your biggest wish? Do you want joy, love, connection, intimacy? If you had all of this, what would you do with it?
Feeling the pain and also the pull of the life you want to live helps you rewrite your words. You can change, “I’m not good enough. Not pretty or smart enough. Nothing ever goes right for me,” to “I am learning more every day. I love my body. My life is unfolding. I AM enough.”

You can also give yourself permission to forgive anyone who needs forgiving, and that includes yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to forget your story, but you do need to make peace with it.

You may have felt like you were broken by your past, but you were not. You aren’t doomed to living out your old story.
You have choices. Dare to dream. Dare to tell yourself a better story. Dare to believe you are not bound by what happened to you in the past. Your most powerful place is in the present moment. And you are here now.

How can you rewrite your story in a way that feels good? Tell us the story the way you want to tell it, and share it with women who are supporting each other to heal their relationship with food. Join the Divine Renewal™ For Women private Facebook community. Anyone can join and start the healing process.

I¹m holding you in the highest vision of love, health and wellbeing. It is your birthright to be all you can be in spirit and health!

Warmest Blessings, Myriam