DR Radio | Interview with Anita Johnston: What is our hunger saying?

Jun 23, 2017

Hey dear sisters! Think about this one a minute. At Divine Renewal, we often speak about healing our relationships with nourishment. Well, without clear communication, a healed relationship is impossible. Do you know exactly what your hunger is saying to you?

Fascinating question, and one we’ll be diving into on the next Divine Renewal Radio podcast, when my guest will be the wonderful Anita Johnston. Anita is the author of a wonderful book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, and she has an enormous amount of wisdom to share about the journey to living from the Divine Sacred Feminine and how it impacts our bodies and our lives.

Anita understands the struggle we go through in freeing ourselves from shame. She talks about compassionate communication, reclaiming our sovereignty, and speaking our truth in ways that help guide us through recovery and onward to transformation!

We’ll be talking about how to really listen to our bodies and rid ourselves of the blockages that shame and trauma build up, and about how to use ritual and the sacred to gather together and inhabit our true power.
Like me, Anita is exploring the wisdom of our lunar cycles and feminine instinct and intuition. I’m excited to have the chance to explore these ideas with her, and I think you’ll find a lot of rich, resonant truth in her vision. We’ll be talking about how ritual and circles can lead us back to our Divine Feminine and help us reset the epigenetics so you can learn to live a life in a body you love.

So, won’t you join us for this podcast? I think you’ll hear a lot that will help you on your journey!

With love,