DR Radio: Interview with Monica Pelayo: Behind the Shadow We Can Find Gold: An Internal Beauty That Needs To Be Heard

Jan 28, 2017

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. - Carl Jung

Sisters, do you feel like you have to stay positive all the time?

“Positive” is a wonderful way to feel, but simply “thinking positive” can never heal our inner wounds. Every human being has shadows and dark places.

Every January a lot of us make New Year's resolutions. We think we're in need of a lifestyle change -- a new workout, better food choices, saving more... there are so many ways we may feel flawed -- and push ourselves into routines that don't feel natural, only to slip back into familiar patterns. This time of year, the shadows really start to show up!

You can try over and over to fix the external things you don’t like about yourself: your body, your willpower, your status – but healing is an inside job.

I hear it over and over, from beautiful brilliant sisters: I feel stuck. I'm uncomfortable with my (marriage, job, body...the list goes on and on.) I should be doing this; I need to stop doing that. I can’t seem to stop numbing myself out with food, alcohol, distractions...

Sisters! This life is not a contest or a competition. Not with anyone else and no, not even with ourselves. Life is not about covering our dark places with layers of pretty paint or even about finding them and rooting out.

Our shadow sides are here to help us. Only by making friends with our darkness do we reclaim the wisdom and power they have to share. Getting to know your darkness isn’t about beating yourself up, it’s about opening the space so that you can finally, truly love your whole self and feel authentic and better.

Click play below to listen to my exciting conversation about what this really looks like and practical ways to get there, with guest Monica Pelayo. A brilliant and intuitive sister who’s learned the road by living it.

Meet Monica Pelayo

Monica has been a student of ACIM for over 2 decades and found the work of the Shadow through the brilliant work of Debbie Ford she became a certified Integrative Coach and was personally trained by Debbie.

She has found that our biggest gifts have been darkened by our rejection to our own shadows and we have been missing out from extraordinary gifts that we are here to give. Her Mission is to experience one’s whole self and be free from the blocks that keeps us from embracing our brilliance, our mission in this lifetime being whole.

She is the founder of "The Freedom to be me" retreat and course.

For more information on Monica's work, you can find her here: www.monicapelayo.com.