Heres What I Find True For Me

Jul 05, 2020

My dear sisters,

Here’s what I find to be true for me: I can have dozens of thoughts racing around in my head, but they don’t become real until I write them down. Once they take form on a page or on a computer screen, they are more tangible. They have substance and meaning. That’s when I “own” them, and they don’t own me any longer.

I’m talking about journaling and the power it can have to change your thinking, your emotions, your life. Let me share what happened to me when I discovered journaling.

When I was a teenager, I felt desperate and ashamed. I didn’t have the perfect family I believed everyone else had. I was an immigrant in a strange country, coming from a war-torn nation. For me that was a great source of embarrassment! Looking back, I felt I had reached my lowest point in my life. If you haven’t ever reached that point, congratulations! This blog isn’t for you.

But if you have felt anger, guilt, sadness, fear, grief, humiliation, despair, and regret, you know that all of these emotions can lead to an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness.


That was the feeling I lived with for several decades and felt the spiraling down into a space I didn’t know I could escape. I had a false perception of myself, and because of that I lost my vitality and looked for ways to numb my feelings. That’s when my distorted, unhealthy relationship with food became my biggest monster.

My unbalanced relationship with food caused me to disconnect from my spirit until I wanted to die. I had lost so much weight from not eating and punishing myself. One day I realized I needed to buy some pants, so I walked into a store to pick out my favorite color: black, which matched my mood and emotions. As I paid for the pants, the cashier handed me a small pamphlet. When I unfolded the pants, I pulled out the pamphlet, and the words on the cover said “THE GREATEST GIFT IS…”

Immediately I grabbed a pen and wrote the words Love/Health/Happiness. At the time, I did not know that my entire body was craving these three feelings. However, if I had not been prompted by this piece of paper, it never would have occurred to me.

As I opened the pamphlet, I became more and more excited. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so engaged with anything like this. I had lost contact with my friends and isolated myself. I had been living in a very dark and lonely place. Now, however, a simple piece of paper had opened up a door. The pamphlet said: “Write down your short and long-term goals: 2 personal, 2 career, and 2 health goals for the next 2, 5, and 10 years.”


I started writing immediately. Suddenly everything seemed possible. There was tremendous power in my pen. Putting my thoughts down on paper had unleashed my desire to live, my sacred power.

That began my journey and my love affair with journaling and it continues to this day. I would love for all of you to realize and share that excitement, that power, and that release. When you write down your thoughts, dreams, and goals, they take on an energy all of their own. It is much more effective than speaking, because then our words don’t have form. Yes, the spoken word is still important, but granting words form, when they flow from your brain to your hand and they are in front of you where you can physically see, touch, and change them…that is powerful.

Okay, I admit writing in a journal may be a challenge initially if you’ve never done it before. Like developing any new habit, however, it just takes some commitment and patience. Believe me, it’s worth it! Here are just a few of the benefits that I haven’t mentioned already.

  • It can help you organize your feelings. When you write down how you feel, you can better connect with your inner core and make better sense of your emotions.
  • You may heal faster. There’s actually scientific proof that writing about your feelings and thoughts before undergoing a medical procedure can reduce stress and help the body heal faster.
  • You can learn how to solve problems faster and easier. When you are trying to solve a problem, putting it down on paper allows you to see it from a different angle. Think of it as brainstorming on paper rather than verbally.
  • ​Journaling can help you heal and recover from trauma. Sometimes giving structure to your traumatic experiences can be scary, but once the words are down on paper, you may be able to process them better. It also allows you to release them better. If the words are too difficult to deal with right now, take the pages and burn them. Allow the fear, anger, shame, and guilt to be released. You can always write about them again later, when you are ready.


Are you getting excited about journaling? One of the questions most readers ask me is, “How do I get started? I don’t know what to write about first.”

  • Here are a few tips.
  • You can try meditating for about 10 minutes or so before you begin writing. It can help center you and calm your mind.
  • Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. You are writing only for yourself.
  • Spend about 10 to 15 minutes writing. Just keep writing…let the thoughts flow!
  • ​Write about someone or something that is very important to you
  • Write about what you are grateful for.
  • ​Write about the biggest challenge in your life at the moment.
  • ​Write about a person who has inspired you the most in your life.
  • ​Write about what a favorite pet has meant to you.
  • ​Write about something you have done that you are most proud of.
  • ​Write about 3 things you would never do and 3 things you would like to do


Okay, I’ve shared some great reasons for journaling and a few tips to get you started. Are you ready to pick up your pen and start writing? I want to hear about how you feeling while starting this new habit and your questions as well. I truly believe you will find journaling to be a powerful, healing, and rewarding experience and an opportunity to connect with your sacred Divine Feminine.

Blessings to all,