DR Radio | Interview with Phoenix Muranetz: Honoring Sacred Sexuality

Sep 20, 2017
Hey sisters! Do you realize how holy your desires are? Are you fully accepting of your Primal Priestess? Are you getting enough ecstasy in your spiritual diet?
We were born to enjoy life in our miraculous bodies to the fullest. Society often gets in the way with shame, blame, fear and shalt-nots. On this Divine Renewal podcast, I am speaking with a very special guest, Phoenix Muranetz, Unification Architect, Sacred Ceremony Designer, Performer & Writer on Soul, Spirit and Love.
Like so many of us in the Sisterhood, Phoenix has been through it all. She’s struggled with body shame and eating disorders, with self-judgement and fear. She’s raw, real and open about how she overcame shame and found her voice, reclaiming desire and pleasure as a Goddess-given birthright. Her story and her knowledge will bring you new insights into becoming your most fully realized self, at one with your Wild Woman and using Her power to show up as the amazing, sensual and creative woman you were born to be!
So join us at Divine Renewal Radio. Phoenix and I will be talking about the struggle, the journey, and the awakening, about the convergence of Goddess awareness and indigenous ritual, about her Pussy Tour and how we reclaim the sacredness of passion as a portal to the Divine.
With love,