DR Radio | Interview with Maria Therase Cucinotta: How do we reclaim the true power of the Divine Feminine?

Feb 26, 2017
Dear sister,
Do you feel pressured into doing instead of being, into struggling instead of going with the flow, into ignoring your intuition when it doesn't seem entirely "rational?"
It’s not that there’s anything wrong with achievements, goals, logic or success. But when we women over-emphasize and rely on these qualities, we can lose touch with receptivity, with intuition and emotion, with the certainty that we are full of wonders just as we are.
These are the gifts of the Divine Feminine, and when we stifle or ignore them we lose our balance.
When we stifle our Divine Feminine core, she becomes exhausted, discouraged and needy. Feeling unworthy and unsafe, we act out like rebellious teenagers or sacrifice ourselves by over-giving, we develop tortured, tense, unhealthy relationships with food, with our thoughts, with our bodies and with the people around us.
Society's messages have been distancing us from our feminine essence and power from the time we were young girls. Competitive, goal oriented, overachiever attitudes have us feeling exhausted and struggling against our own cyclical rhythms with nature.
BUT: If we are living this way, we are leaving half the feast on the plate!
Being born a woman, especially at this moment in history, is a precious gift. Your body -- your heart, your womb, your yoni -- is uniquely designed to help you channel the Divine Feminine essence that is desperately needed right now. It’s not that we downgrade our own masculine energy, or that of the men around us. It’s that without the Divine Feminine, we will never feel balanced, healthy, joyous and whole.
The Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Creator is made of masculine and feminine energies in balance. The Divine Feminine within you longs to infuse you with her power and help you achieve that sacred balance in your own life, to bring you abundant pleasure and a life that works for you.
Neglect Her, and she’ll take you out... with shame, stress, addictions... Work with Her, and you will discover the power you were born to embody!
How do we do it? Join me on Divine Renewal Radio, when I’ll be talking with Maria Therase Cucinotta, CEO and Founder of Femme International, about practical methods of self care and reclaiming your feminine power.
I would love to have you join us!