Divine Renewal Radio | Interview with Linda Heredia

Jan 17, 2018

Divine Renewal is all about understanding our relationships to ourselves, our bodies, and the food we eat. The key to these relationships is energy. Do you experience the flow of positive, joyful energy into your body as you eat, or are you worrying about weight gain or resenting your body’s need for nourishment?

Holistic nutrition experts agree: How you eat can be as important as what you eat. And there’s an energy to a piece of fresh fruit that you’ll never find in a processed snack. Caffeine, chemicals, and the tension of living in a fight-or-flight world can drag us down and create a cold, distant relationship where there should be a source of joy.

Join us on the next Divine Renewal Radio, when my guest will be the amazing Linda Heredia. Linda’s journey into the world of energetic wellness began at age 9, when her father’s cancer diagnosis led her into a study of energetics and wellbeing. The spark of passion caught fire! Linda dove into holistic wellness on every level, becoming one of the youngest Reiki masters in North America at 13.

Like most of us, Linda has experienced how it feels when you stray from the path. She was using her graduate degree in the corporate world when she decided to listen to the universe and do what she really wanted to be doing. I think you’ll find that her take on wellness, positive manifestation and living the life you love as fascinating as I do!

Linda and I will be talking about simple and delicious ways to heal your energy, stop beating yourself up, and manifest your Divine nature in powerful ways that will help you and the Universe get back into alignment. Join us on Divine Renewal Radio for insights that will bring you closer than ever to a life you love in a body you love!

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health,

Myriam Llano