My Wish For You

Jan 02, 2018

My sisters, as we settle into this holiday time, I want to share my wish for you—actually many wishes!--for this season and for every season of the year.

I wish you joy. Your life is a celebration, so celebrate! It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, nor the day, month, or year. Seize the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of joyfulness that is your right.

I wish for you the ability to indulge in all of your senses. Don’t depend solely on what you see and declare it as the truth. The world is composed of so much more than what we witness with our eyes. We have lost the ability to experience our life, our essence, with our entire body. Touch, smell, taste, listen with your entire being and you will resonate with the energy of the universe.

I wish for you the realization as to what you are hungry for. Dive deep into your soul and pull that hunger to the surface. Sisters everywhere want to be validated, cherished, recognized, heard, acknowledged, valued, loved. Know that you are not alone in your hunger for these birth rights and that it is valid and true and all available to you.

I wish for you a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. When you sense Her presence—because she dwells in you and you in Her—I wish for you a magical awakening and awareness of this sacred union and that it is safe.




I wish for you wholeness. Feeling whole is key, because when you realize you are complete and perfect just as you are, then all things are possible. Then you are aligned with your Divine Feminine/self. Action cannot occur without realization. So I wish for your wholeness and you will flourish.

I wish for you an intimate celebration of your body. Return to an understanding of what your body is—a sacred vessel, a warm embrace that cradles your Divine Feminine/You as you travel this road called life.

I wish for you the understanding that your freedom and liberation begin in your body. You were born into perfection and harmony, and this is where your body yearns to be. If you can begin to own that your body is perfection, you can be set free and banish the hunger that has been tugging at your spirit.

I wish for you the strength and fortitude to hold onto your power and move away from the media’s idea of perfection and of what you should be. You are perfectly designed; you are the architect of your own temple.

I wish for you an ability to unconditionally accept and honor the fact that we are cyclical beings. Part of that process involves becoming familiar with the synchronicity between your monthly cycles and the phases of the moon, the seasons, your food choices, and the feminine archetypes. Embracing this magnificent relationship can release you from any of the bonds that now hold you back from realizing your complete divinity.

Finally, I wish for you all the joys that come from standing with your sisters in support, love, compassion, and empowerment in the perfection that is your body. May your desires and wishes for yourself be in complete harmony with all you deserve.

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health for this coming year and always!