Now (and How) the Healing Begins

Mar 28, 2021
Dearest sisters,
The past year has been challenging for everyone around the world as we try to understand, cope with, and manage the presence of COVID and all its consequences. For those who contracted the disease and are now recuperating, we are so grateful they beat it.
However, lingering signs and symptoms are now impacting these individuals, both young and old, and significantly affecting their quality of life. They are experiencing fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint pain, chest pain, headache, pounding heartbeat, loss of taste or smell, rash, hair loss, and memory problems. These issues are lasting weeks to months. Many of you have asked, what can we do to heal ourselves and feel better?
The body has remarkable healing powers, but we need to support it. It’s time to incorporate some simple yet effective lifestyle habits that will honor your body temple and support your immune system during your healing process.
Food is medicine

I’m a huge advocate of filling your plate with foods that help fight inflammation. Inflammation is at the core of so many health challenges we face as women, such as difficulty losing weight, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and more. I’ve counseled countless numbers of women on how to modify their diet, and the advice begins with this: eat whole, natural, anti-inflammatory foods, such as most fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, cold-water fish, chicken and turkey, non-dairy beverages, seaweed, olive and coconut oils, and raw honey (in small amounts).

One food I highly recommend is a smoothie, which can kick start your immune system and keep you energized. Here’s a recipe to get you started.

Green Booster
1 cups chopped spinach and kale, packed tightly
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup kiwi chunks
​½ half banana
​½ tsp grated ginger
​½ lemon juiced
Combine greens and almond milk in a blender. Pulse till smooth, then add remaining ingredients. Add more almond milk if too thick.

Herbal power

I was thrilled when I learned about the healing powers of herbs! Now I always include certain ones in my daily routine to optimize my immune function. Personally I enjoy various herbal teas, both hot and cold, but you also can use some of them in recipes or take supplements. Herbs that help boost the immune system include:
  • Astragalus, which has the ability to help the body fight off stress and reduce inflammation.
  • Calendula, a flower with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It’s popular as a tea.
  • Echinacea, a popular immune system boosting herb that can help fight infections, including recurrent respiratory infections.
  • Garlic which has a long history as an antibiotic, antibacterial, and antiviral plant. Aged garlic extract especially has been shown to reduce the number and severity of cold and flu symptoms.
  • ​Ginger, an excellent immune system supporter, antihistamine, and antinausea herb that can help ward off infections.
  • ​Green tea, rich in catechins that support immune function and destroy molecules known to cause disease. I love hot green tea and as an ingredient in my smoothies.
  • ​Oregano oil supports the immune system and the intestinal tract. The carvacrol in oregano can help reduce inflammation and viral infections.
Emotional and spiritual healing

Honoring your body with nutritious food, herbs, and nutrients is essential for healing from COVID, but your emotional and spiritual health are important as well. Take time every day to practice self-care. Say affirmations every morning and evening, spend time journaling or meditating, treat yourself to your favorite herbal tea and sip it in a quiet place, get a massage, take a walk in nature, create something beautiful, and get in touch with your Divine self.

How are you or a loved one living with the consequences of COVID? Let us know what works for you!

Myriam Llano