Reconnecting and Healing Your Body Through Sensuality and Letting Go of Body Shame

Oct 24, 2018
How much do you love your body?
For many women, myself included, this can be a difficult question to hear and answer. That’s because this question, although simple on the surface, is loaded with a history of trauma, challenging emotions and feelings, body shame and more.
At the same time, it is critical for most sisters to reconnect with and heal our bodies by embracing with our sensuality and letting go of any shame we feel about ourselves.
This is no small task, but it is essential if we want to bond with our Divine power and realize our full potential as vital, loving, compassionate, creative women.
The question is not why we feel shame for our body temple, but how can we overcome it. Achieving that connection is a multistep process.
For one thing, it makes no sense for women to begin connecting with their emotional body if they are suffering from physical issues such as inflammation and sickness. That is, loving their bodies and their sensuality is likely the last thing on their minds if the body is in distress. That means we need to have compassion for ourselves and to move forward on the path of healing in a deliberate way. 
The critical part of the connection process involves recognizing the essential relationship between nourishing your body with nutritious food, knowing that such sustenance is key to overcoming inflammation and illness and that your sensuality is intimately involved in this entire situation.
Inflammatory diseases are those that are characterized by inflammation. Some of the more common examples include allergies, diabetes, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, celiac disease, hepatitis, and some cancers.
Nourishing foods have a high vibrational value 
That is, organic, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, herbal teas, fermented foods, raw honey, and filtered water fall into this category. The more high-vibrational foods we eat, the better we feel and the less we crave foods that don’t fully nourish us, such as processed foods that contain sugar, trans fats, and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
When we choose high vibrational foods, we acknowledge that we care about what we put into our sacred temple. We seek foods that give us energy rather than rob us of energy. When we follow such a positive path, we are also led to adopt some natural soulful tools that can be considered the pillars of our growth and transformation.
Pillars of growth and transformation
If we eat nourishing foods and adopt the pillars, we can achieve true transformation, a return to the Divine women we have always been but that need to be released and allowed to flourish. What are those pillars?
NatureWhen we immerse ourselves in the wonders of Nature, we become more grounded and in touch with our inner divinity. Make it a point to spend quiet time in Nature every day where you can meditate, reflect, and affirm your sacredness.
Journaling.Keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings is a powerful and private way to face your fears, joys, desires, and dreams and understand them better. A journal is a tangible connection with your inner sacred self even when you find it challenging to connect in any other way. Journaling also helps you document your efforts to eat high-vibrational foods.
Meditation.Daily meditation, even if you do so for only 10 to 15 minutes, is a time to connect with your Divine Feminine and focus on centering harmony and tranquility in your mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is an important habit to establish and a pillar that can firmly ground you on your healing journey.
Movement.When we move, whether it is through dancing, walking, jumping, swimming, twirling, climbing, or more, we connect with a core energy and release it, allowing it to race throughout our body. Movement allows us to stay in touch with our body, appreciate it and love it, without shame. Take time every day to move with abandon or with purpose, but be sure to embrace the pleasures you feel.
Learning.Open your mind, heart, and spirit to the wonders of the world, other people, situations, and sensations. Make it a habit to learn something new every day—be it a new word, recipe, route to work, way to heighten your sensuality, or flower or bird in your area. Learning about your world stimulates your internal growth and makes you feel better about yourself.
Sensuality.Pleasure and happiness in your body is a birthright. All of the other pillars we discuss can help you reach a point where you can feel safe and without shame and come to celebrate your sensuality.
We were born to be sensual beings and to celebrate our bodies, not shame them. Nourish yourself and adopt the pillars and you will be reintroduced to the creative, loving, sensual being you truly are. 
What pillars do you use for your sacred temple to take care of her from a place of love, joy, and nurturance? 
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With many wishes of love and health,