Strengthening Your Connection to the Sacred Feminine

Jan 12, 2017

As crazy as it may sound to those functioning only on the “logical” “masculine” material plane, there is much wisdom in the natural cycle of the womb. Besides the one miracle no one can argue with -- nurturing a new life, which is hardly minor -- a woman’s cycle, when not artificially disrupted, is a source for much Divine wisdom and information.

It is through the cycle of our womb that we remember our connection to all creation, to Mother Earth, to the divinity of what we are.

Patriarchy has distanced us from this reality; deep healing is needed to reconnect, to redefine true Divine power as based on love and claim that power as our own, driving out artificial, externally imposed self-judgment with the fire of self-love.

Sisterhood is a key to working through our self doubt, anxieties, and fears. This witnessing can only come from letting another sister see you. When we trust in another sister to see the depth of our pain and suffering, it allows her to unleash her own, causing a healing effect: "I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine." From this place a woman teaches you and you teach her, giving and getting support, walking together. True healing is impossible without the vulnerable courage that we discover when we choose to see and be seen.

Only knowing that each woman is born an embodiment of love can lead us to our truth, to reclaiming our power.
Think of the courage of the early suffragettes. Of Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus. Of Malala on her way to school. Of the countless unknown women who find that their hearts cannot remain silent. We must all join them. The power is within you, and the time for courage is now.

The world needs us now more than ever, needs our collective courage and wisdom and grace. Speaking our collective truth is part of the healing.

Joanne Ameya Cohen, one of my teachers and the author of "The Healthy Feminine Leader: Alleviate Stress, Balance Your Hormones, and Tap Into Your Power," put it into words that have stayed with me ever since I first heard them:

“The center of the flower is feminine leadership and the petals around it are what sustain and support the unfolding and blossoming.”

We emulate the masculine through perfectionism, self-criticism, competition. We act as if we are alone in all this! Women are starving to be heard, seen, and celebrated for who they are, and only that recognition can heal the inner void we strive to fill with food and other obsessions.

First, a woman striving to connect to her inner woman-self needs to learn how to embody her essence, to feel she is worthy of receiving. She needs to get connected to her true hunger, her desires, dreams and passion; until she can touch these for herself, she can do nothing real for others.

Embodying the sacred feminine requires you to feel true love for yourself: not mistrust, not infatuation, but true love. Start by honoring the holy vessel that is your body, making a daily practice that shows reverence and honor for your earthly home. Move: dance, do yoga, make love, garden. Replenish: eat real food, sleep enough, get a massage.

Massage yourself. Reconnect physically to each and every part of your body until you can touch your belly, your yoni, your breast without shame.

As we work from the outside in, aligning with our true appetite for nourishment and movement, inner doors will open and things that might sound esoteric right now become clear. A shift begins and grows ever more inevitable.

You’ll start appreciating the different aspects of yourself, both feminine and masculine energies, how to honor both and access the energy you need without giving anything up as you navigate life’s challenges. How to give without becoming depleted or feeling anxious.

You will find and learn to call upon your archetypes to nurture and protect and nourish your needs. To take care of the little girl within. Your intuition will grow stronger.

Seek out mentors and sisters doing this work and support one another in maintaining our strength in the sacred feminine. It is only mortal to forget sometimes! To rise, we must lift each other together.

Leadership is about showing up. In the face of dark and chaotic times, it’s about starting the healing within, acknowledging and working on our own dark and chaotic places before we can work a change in the wider world.
Our mentors, teachers and sisters help us navigate even the most disastrous political and societal situations, from the smallest moments to the largest and most critical situations of our times. Anything coming from our sacred heart is an offering of love, and will help.

To know what that is, what the sacred heart needs and can share, we must take time to be still, meditate, and nourish our sacred feminine. To connect to the deepest parts of ourselves that only we know; to stand and rise through feminine leadership.

To allow the cyclical rhythms of our moon-given intuition to manifest and balance the solar, the “rational,” the material.
The world needs us, sisters... and Mother Earth needs us to be strong and relaxed in who we are. Allow the being first so the doing can happen with grace and radical compassion, for yourself first and then for all humankind.

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health.

With love,