DR Radio | Interview with Claudia Spahr: The Healing Powers of Natural Fertility

Apr 26, 2017

Have you ever worried about your biological clock running out of time?

Have you been told that women should give up on the dream of having children if they have not achieved it by the age of 35?

Join us on Divine Renewal Radio where my guest is holistic fertility expert Claudia Spahr. We’ll be talking about fertility in women over 40, and how you can take greater control of your fertility through connecting to your Divine Feminine with natural techniques like yoga, wellness, retreats, mindset shifts, spiritual re-connection and holding space for yourself.

Natural fertility techniques can help you stay healthy and vital, whether you want to get pregnant or not. Natural fertility wisdom is all about empowerment, healing and leading a fully realized life.

Claudia an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and board certified by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners), who has been running retreats and working in the field of health, wellness and fertility for a decade, helping people fulfill their baby dreams. Having started her own family at age 40, she embraces a new paradigm and encourages women to explore all the natural options before embarking on expensive fertility treatments.

Did you know that there are indigenous people in Africa and Australia who practice rituals where a woman goes out into the field and “claims” her spiritual baby energetically, laying the groundwork for conception on the energetic plane before conception happens in her body Probably not! That’s because natural fertility is a taboo subject in our culture…

Want to know more? Join us for a discussion about redefining the feminine and reclaiming fertility and motherhood for a new era. You may be shocked, but you won’t be bored! And you may just gain a whole new appreciation for how miraculous your Divine Feminine truly is.

Claudia is a published Hay House author, speaker, coach, retreat facilitator and mother to three young children whom she conceived in her forties. She worked over a decade in radio and TV before finding her calling as the founder of two successful yoga retreat companies and as an integrative health and fertility coach and the creator of the integrative and holistic HolyMama Fertility Booster program.

Come join us on Divine Renewal Radio; I promise you’ll be refreshed and empowered by what you hear!

With love,