7 Tips and Tricks to Survive Holiday Feasts

Dec 22, 2015

There's nothing like a holiday buffet table full of beautifully prepared food! I love nibbling on old favorites. I love it even more when I use a few digestion tricks and keep basic food combining rules in mind. I have a much better time when my stomach's happy!

Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar before you head to the buffet, to get your digestion up and ready to go.

If there's fruit on the table, skip it. It's better to eat fruit alone.

If you're eating protein or grains, combine them with non-starchy veggies -- green leafy ones or asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, tomato or zucchini. Beans go well with all types of vegetables.

And don’t forget to add some healthy fats and oils to aid the digestion of proteins, grains, and both non-starchy and starchy (sweet potato, squash, carrots, corn, and so on) vegetables.

Ginger or peppermint tea are digestion-enhancing beverage options.

Chew thoroughly!

After you've eaten, chew ten or 15 fennel seeds.

There you have it! As usual, my friends, the Divine lifestyle isn't about what you can't do -- it's about how to enjoy food and life with maximum satisfaction and minimum regrets.