What We Learned From 2020

Dec 29, 2020

My dear sisters,

Another year has drawn to a close, and what a year it has been! The challenges have been unique and our efforts to deal with and manage them have taken their toll on all of us. I know, because so many of you have told me about your lives over 2020.

But we are entering a new year, and as we do I want to express my heartfelt admiration and love for all of you who have persevered through it all. Even when times were difficult, you held on. Remember, you are a vessel for Divine Feminine power and you embody the living flame of strength, compassion, and self-worth.


We all know that a simple turn of the calendar page doesn’t mean all the hard times will magically disappear. I could wish that for you, but we all know that wishing doesn’t make it so. What does work, however, is love.
Over the past year, many of us had to learn how to be with a few people and without many others. We were separated from loved ones. But what did you learn about being with you? What did you discover about yourself?
These are the questions I hope you, my dear sisters, will embrace as you welcome in the new year. My sole wish for all of my lovely sisters is to learn to love yourself more. Discover the sacred, blessed, divine feminine being that dwells inside you. Once you do, everything else will fall into place. You will be better equipped to face life’s challenges. You will be better prepared to give and receive love.
During the coming year, I urge you to take the opportunity every day to practice self-love. Lift yourself up, recite affirmations, search inward, celebrate your body, honor your spirit, and broaden your mind. When you engage in this form of love, your entire being will flourish. You will feel whole and free from the inside out. That is a freedom no one can take from you, because it is yours alone.
I encourage you to embrace Nature’s mysteries, because they can open your heart to self-love. That’s because they are bigger than all of us yet intimate enough to touch every one of us in a highly personal way. That is the true touch of love.
Finally, I wish for you all to experience the compassionate, loving spirit that unites all sisters. No matter where we live physically, we are united spiritually and emotionally.
Holding you in the highest vision of love, joy, health, and strength for 2021 and always.
Myriam Llano