You Are What You Think You Deserve

Aug 27, 2018
It’s very difficult for me to witness how people I love dearly are falling apart because they insist on holding onto belief systems that do not serve them. My heart breaks for them, because I know how trapped we can feel if we allow ourselves to be ruled by every negative or misguided thought we have about ourselves.
Those thoughts are based on what you think you deserve. This is true of your body, health, relationships, financial situation, job, social life. What you believe you are worthy of will be your reality. The universe will undoubtedly match your feelings and you will manifest what you think you deserve.
What do you think you deserve? Are your current beliefs nurturing you and bringing you joy?
We cannot create a life of beauty and love if the words we use to talk to and about ourselves are ugly. If you believe you deserve to be happy—and you do, my dear sisters!—then turn your negative words and thoughts into ones that will fuel your creativity. Words have that power and so do you!
The average person speaks between 150 and 300 words a minutes, which translates into about 50,000 words or thoughts a day. What thoughts do you have right now? Are you thinking “I can’t really change my life by changing my words” or “Yes, I believe in myself and in the power of my thoughts and words.”
Stress and negative thoughts have a greater influence on our life than do our genes. That means you can transform how you are in the world by altering what you say and think. You already possess all you need to allow your sacred feminine to rise and flourish.
Do you find yourself believing negative thought such as:
I’m so fat.
I’m a failure.
I never get things right.
I hate how I look.
I don’t deserve to be happy.
I will never get the job I want.  
Such words penetrate your mind, body, and spirit. When you surround yourself with self-hatred, you disconnect from Divinity. This disconnect comes from a deep-seeded personal belief or truth. For many that belief arises from trauma that occurred during childhood. For me, it was living in Colombia during a drug war and having to leave family, friends, and home behind. Many women struggle daily with the memories of trauma from sexual abuse, emotional battering, abandonment, or poverty.   
What can we do when we feel such despair? I believe we experience these feelings so we can learn how to be compassionate with ourselves. Without these simple ingredients, how can we ever reconnect to the truth of who we are before we were tainted with trauma and abuse?
As a coach for women, I have discovered that many of my sisters disconnect from their body and their Divine essence by engaging in emotional eating. We use food to stuff down the trauma and the negative emotions.
However, food is not the answer. The answer already lies within you. Your—our--job is to reconnect with Divine self, allow it to emerge, and then reconnect with your sisters.
How to reconnect with your Divine Self.
Awareness. When we acknowledge and become aware of our situation, we can begin to look at our Divine Body as a gift and not a curse. Then and only then can we reconnect to the truth that lives in each of us.
Words. How many of the words you say or think daily are positive about yourself? Begin today to speak in kind, supportive terms. For example, stand in front of a mirror and repeat one or more of the following declarations of being (body affirmations) out loud:
My body is a vessel of good and light
I am a sacred spirit
The Divine Feminine lives in me
Dear body, I promise to love and honor you to the best of my ability every day
My body is a gift of Nature
Belief. If you find yourself saying “I can’t” switch it to “I will.” I’m no good at that” can become “I can do better.” Shift your belief system to reflect new “laws” in your life with the power of words.
Physical and emotional connection. As women, we can’t even begin to think about taking care of our bodies if we don’t reconnect to the parts of ourselves that we’ve hated for most of our lives. It’s possible to connect with those parts if you:
Understand the moon cycles and how they synchronize with your body
Identify the high vibrational foods your body is craving
Stay physically active
Practice journaling
Express and appreciate your sensuality and sexuality
Transform negative words into positive ones
Changing old beliefs takes commitment. Learning to love our body is a necessary tool we can use to make the critical connection with our sacred selves. And that, my dear sisters, is Divine!
Much Gratitude and Love,